The course familiarizes students with essential business communication skills, including making presentations, taking an active part in meetings, and participating in negotiations. Different presentation techniques will be introduced.

Students will develop a variety of business correspondences including formal emails and letters, reports, proposals, CV’s, and meeting minutes.

The course has a focus on student development of spoken and written skills at an advanced level. In each lesson, students will actively participate in discussions and role plays using the language supports provided. A variety of written exercises are to be performed in class, for homework and as project work. Students are to undertake an individual or group project, which involves the research, presentation and documentation of a current business topic.

The course covers a variety of business topics from fields of business including Management, Finance, Marketing and Economics as well as Intercultural Business Communication.

The following topics are covered in this course:

  •  Introductions to emails and formal/informal writing
  •  Analysing an authentic text
  •  Presentations – structure, techniques and activity
  •  Trends – language and activity
  •  CV’s and cover letters
  •  Linking words and phrases
  •  Intercultural Communication I: Managing Across Cultures
  •  Business letters (and faxes and emails)
  •  Negotiations introduction, language and activity
  •  Business phrasal verbs
  •  Arranging a meeting
  •  Academic vocabulary – introduction and exercises
  •  Negotiations – bargaining
  •  Introduction to finance and activity
  •  Finance vocabulary
  •  Business collocations
  •  Corporate social responsibility framework and discussion
  •  Telephoning skills