Principles of marketing research and its position within a company and market area

Activities within a marketing research project

Different research projects a marketer researcher can undertake 

Introduction to Theoretical Framework

  •  How to formulate a Research Question
  •  Learn how to formulate a research question
  •  Learn how to develop of a research model
  •  Learn the use of hypothesis
  •  Learn how to formulate hypothesis

How to design your research, and which steps you take

  •  Be able to make hypotheses measurable
  •  Identify dependent and independent variables
  •  Distinguish the forms of different variables
  •  Identify the different measurement models

How to choose the most appropriate research method

  •  Understand the two research paradigms
  •  Distinguish the forms of quantitative research methods
  •  Distinguish the forms of qualitative research methods
  •  Understand the mixed-method approach

How to select your respondents

  •  How do you measure what you want to measure
  •  Survey Design I
  •  Identify the right respondents
  •  Understand the sample process
  •  Distinguish the sampling techniques
  •  Understand the organization of data collection
  •  Identify the ‘right’ questions for a survey
  •  Understand the confidentially and anonymous issues related to data collection

Research report writing

  •  Understand the layout of a research report
  •  Understand how to write a literature review
  •  Deal with reference issues
  •  Understand how to write up the results
  •  Understand how to write a conclusion, strategic recommendations