In this course, students will be exposed to the essential principles and elements of revenue management as it relates to also to pricing and distribution. It is a course for those who are interested to learn how it is possible to achieve maximum profit from certain fixed asset. A non-specialist approach will be used so to develop those skills that any manager need. Focus will be given to the conditions that are necessary to implement RM and the processes that need to be planned and executed to make it reach its goals. The course is also exploring the ethical, historical, economic, psychological, human and technological side of RM.

  •  Introduction to Revenue Management
  •  Pricing and RM
  •  RM evolution and its use
  •  Fundamental concepts and principles
  •  RM practices and implication (i.e. overbooking)
  •  RM and distribution
  •  Implementation
  •  ICT aspects of RM